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Strong_background Strong Church


Without oneness a churchwill be divided, fragmented and therefore weak. The Bible speaks a lot about oneness, singleness, and unity. At Wolcott Community Bible Church we are strong through oneness in several ways. We are one in our endeavor to exalt Jesus Christ; to worship Him, serve Him, surrender to Him, Love Him, and become like Him – we give Him first place in our lives, our homes, and our church.

We are one in our desire to love each other; we pray for each other, take care of each other, and listen to each other – we are a place where you can belong, have significance, and feel secure. We are one in our purpose to advance the Kingdom of Christ in our lives and community; we reach out to kids through the C.E.F. ministry, to the needy through the Acts 4 ministry, to those struggling with the choice to have a baby with the HOPE ministry – in these and many other ways, we demonstrate to our community the love God has for each of us.

There can’t be a strong culture of oneness without strong teamwork – working well together, knowing each other deeply and personally, and cooperating with each other. In addition to great players, every great team has great coaches and a great support staff. At Wolcott Community Bible Church we invest a lot of resources in making every member a great team player by providing excellent coaching and support – or to use the term in the Bible, discipleship. Anyone in the role of discipling others must be patient, loving, and motivated by a desire to serve – making each member successful, great, and the best they can be.

To achieve this kind of teamwork there must be high levels of commitment. Coaches sometimes ask players to do things that are hard or even confusing, but it’s for the good of both the player and the team. Sometimes they get it wrong, sometimes other teammates let us down, and sometimes we don’t understand what’s going on; but we need to be able to depend on each other, forgive each other, and continue to support each other. No matter what happens, nothing will threaten our relationship with, or love for each other – we stick together…always.

Commitment is the result of truth, trust, and freedom of expression. How well we know the truth about each other is the extent of how much we are able to trust each other. When we trust each other we freely express our opinions, ideas, feelings, fears, and dreams with one another. So the power of oneness starts with walking in truth – real, authentic, life giving, and honest relationships foster deep trust. Trust enables freedom of expression; which, in turn, produces a desire to be committed. Commitment paves the way for great teamwork, and teamwork becomes centered around end results and common goals. This is oneness – this makes a church strong.

Strong Family

Strong_family_iconThroughout the 50+ years of our church’s existence, there is not a single family who came and worshiped together here that is now broken apart. A huge focus of our church is the development and maintenance of strong families. Strong families are built by applying one simple instruction in the Bible attached to an incredibly powerful promise.

“And the LORD your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, so that you will love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live.”

Circumcision is removing or cutting away what is unnecessary. God is saying in Deuteronomy 30 that when parents pursue God passionately, purposefully,  and sacrificially He will remove from both their hearts and the hearts of their children those things that distract them from and compete in their affection for the Lord.

We do not have “children’s church” or segregate our worship service based on age. We design our worship service to be a pattern that each family can use on a daily basis to worship together in their homes. The ways of God are more caught then taught. We want every child and teen to “catch” the concept of worship by observing their parents worshiping in the church and home.

The development of character is another major focus at the Wolcott Community Bible Church. Jesus displayed 49 distinct character qualities in His life on earth. We identify, define, model, teach, and train ourselves and our children to be molded into the image of Christ by adapting these qualities in our own lives.

Family is a place to fill each other up so each one can keep going with peak performance. Its a place to heal when life has brought pain. Its a place to grow and develop to become equipped for everything life throws at you. Its a place to become all that God has designed and to express

At its deepest level, a strong family is a heart issue. Our prayer to God is that “he will turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers.” According to Malachi 4:6 a strong families hearts are not turned outward to friends, activities, parties, or careers. They are turned inward…to each other.

Strong Life

Strong_life_iconThe Bible tells us that God made us with a spirit, soul, and body. In today’s culture, many people focus on developing their body and soul (the soul is comprised of our intellect, emotions, and will), ignoring the spirit. From early childhood we are taught athletics (body), academics (mind), appropriate choices (will), and maintaining a good attitude (emotions).  When the spirit is ignored we grow up feeling lonely, bored, and unfulfilled.

At Wolcott Community Bible Church we focus on developing each person’s spirit in five key areas of life: who you are as a person, partner, parent, provider, and proclaimer.

Strong Person – Imagine if you never went to school; never learned to read, write, or master simple arithmetic. You would feel a hole, or an empty place, in your life. Perhaps some frustration sets in at times as you sense you could be so much more then you are if you only had an education. What would you do about it? Attend night classes? hire a tutor? Go to the library and try to teach yourself? Or would you just sigh, say “oh well, that’s just how life is for me” and stay discouraged? What if you lived in third world country without a school around? In a culture where no one knew how to read, you may not know what you are missing, but you might sense that there is more to life then you have experienced.

What if you did develop your mind, but never trained your body? With the smallest exertion fatigue sets in and you feel exhausted. Having never done those things that produce coordination, you are clumsy at everything you do. What if your will was left undisciplined, and you never seemed to find the inner strength to make hard choices? You know you ought to this or shouldn’t do that, but but can never tell yourself “No.” And if you never matured emotionally? You become hurt by small offenses, angry over insignificant goals being blocked, and depressed when even one attempt results in failure.

In the same way, when the spirit is underdeveloped we find that something is missing in our lives. When surrounded by others who also are lacking in spiritual maturity, we may not even know what is wrong, but we sense that something is. We feel that there is more to life then we have been exposed to…and whatever it is – it’s important. In fact, The spirit is the most important facet of our beings, and its development is the focus of our church.

Strong Partner – From implementing practical ideas like really learning to listen, to rich insights like learning to transform emotions, the goal of our church is to make every marriage vibrant, satisfying, and secure. This can only be the result of a profound connection at each level of our being, especially our spirits. Often a relationship starts with a strong physical connection, then a couple will explore the potential of a soul connection (compatibility, shared opinions, similar goals, emotional sensitivity, etc.) and decide to get married. Without a spiritual connection, however, many couples find themselves drifting apart and without the same passion for each other that brought them together.

Learning to pray together, serve God together, and worship together create a deep spiritual connection. When each partner is willing to submit to God each person changes in meaningful ways. Its been said that a marriage is like a triangle, with each spouse at the two lower points and God at the point on the top. The closer each partner gets to God…the closer they grow toward each other.

Strong Parent – Much of what we do is covered in the strong family section above. A strong parent is one who can develop the spiritual lives of others, including their children.

Strong Provider – The same qualities that are developed to form a strong person, partner, and parent are invaluable in advancing a career. The Bible gives numerous insights in developing and marketing  your character to find fulfillment, respect, and wealth in business.

Strong Proclaimer – Your not defined by how you earn money, but how you invest your life. Jesus said “Seek firth the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” At Wolcott Community Bible Church, we focus on investing our lives in what is eternal and can’t be taken away.  What is on your heart to do? What need burden’s you? How would you love to be involved in advancing God’s Kingdom? Let us help you discover, get equipped and plugged in to the things that fulfill your life purpose.