John 3

All about Jesus study through the Gospel of John

Chapter 3

John 3 is perhaps the most exciting chapter in the Bible. Jesus starts by explaining what it really means to be born again, And provides a precise picture of faith.

Then there’s John 3:16. Jesus explains God’s incredible love by sending His only Son, so we can have eternal life. At the end of John 3, Jesus explains how we can know absolutely if we are a true follower of Christ or not.

He teaches us that those who believe want truth, comes to the light, and is willing to change. Does that describe your lifestyle?

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JOHN STUDY chapter 3

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The best way to work through this study is to first print the handout. Then listen to the sermon from September 14th, 2014 while advancing the slides above to fill in the blanks of the handout. Feel free to comment, ask questions, request to join a live study or host a study by clicking our contact page.